Monday, June 17, 2024
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Ramon Piñon’s “Becoming Male and Female” makes it to the US Review of Books’ Recommended list

Ramon Piñon Jr.’s book Becoming Female And Male: Our Extraordinary And Perilous Journey, re-published by Author Reputation Press, has received critical acclaim from the US Review of Books. In addition, the book has been included the USRB’s Recommended list.

The website’s critique praises the book for its impressive “breadth of material covered and the level of detail”. The book was reviewed by Jonah Meyer who quips:

“Noteworthy here—in addition to the obvious subject matter mastery by Piñon—is the use of scanning electron microscopic photographs, stunning in their nano-level detail. Also admirable is the author’s assertion that the 21st-century knowledge imparted in this volume deepens our understanding of life’s processes and mysteries.”

The science book critically examines how our reproductive system develops and also tackles the biological aspect of it. Meyer commends the author for providing a generous amount of scientific explanation regarding just how “sometime during our mother’s pregnancy we became female or male,” as Piñon writes in the book. Read the full review here.

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