Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Ramon Piñon’s “Friction and Fantasy” included in the US Review of Books’ Recommended list

Ramon Piñon Jr.’s book Friction And Fantasy: Opening Pandora’s Box, re-published by Author Reputation Press, has received critical acclaim from the US Review of Books. The website’s critique praises the book for providing readers an easy-to-understand language to help them be a part of the conversation about sex.

The book was reviewed by Gabriella Tutino, who quips that it “not only relies upon a multitude of sources to back up its claims but also the author’s own experience and expertise as a retired professor versed in biology.” Tutino adds that “due to its author’s experience as a teacher, this book almost reads like a textbook, albeit an engaging one.”

According to the review, Piñon’s work contains “a multitude of insights about sexual fantasies; love; why people have sex; the mythologies of human anatomy; the truth about sexual desire and arousal; orgasm; unusual sexual practices and sexual violence; the taboo subject of solitary sex; the controversies of erotic preference and gender diversity; unusual sexual practices, sexual violence (rape, pedophilia and child sexual abuse); and the dilemmas of sexual discontent.”

You can read the full review on USRB’s website.

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