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Book NewsPaul Trittin: Highlights

“Jacobus” by Paul Trittin is as much a memoir as it is a historical novel

Paul Trittin

Oftentimes, books of fictional nature are a mirror of the author’s life, complete with imagined characters and a plot that spice up the whole story. Paul Trittin’s Jacobus: A Eunuch’s Faith is a reflection of his own experience as a formerly closeted gay man.

Paul had hidden his identity as a gay man for more than six decades before finally coming out at the age of 65. After coming out as gay, Paul felt his family and friends alike were disappointed, and he felt he was abandoned after making that bold step.

The author’s struggles were soon rewarded when he met his partner in  life. Before that, he went on a mission as a teacher and servant of various religious organizations. And according to him, what he has done in writing the book was a reflection of his countless experiences of pain. In addition, Jacobus shares the pain and struggle of the other gay men out there who faced rejection.

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