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Jim Marjoram’s memoir makes it to the US Review of Books’ Recommended list

Jim Marjoram’s memoir, It’s Life Jim, has been included in the US Review of Books’ Recommended list of books. It’s another testament to the quality of books published by Author Reputation Press, and of course, it speaks volumes about the literary prowess of our authors.

The book chronicles the author’s life’s journey battling homosexuality, self-hatred, religious obsession, suicidal desperation, guilt, shame, and loss. He spent his childhood afraid from the stigma of social discrimination against homosexuality, thus hiding his real identity.

The USRB’s book critique, Barbara Bamberger Scott, states that Marjoram’s book “is enjoyable, written in a sometimes offhand, amusing style that may lighten, but not undercut, the seriousness of its subject matter.” She also praises the author for being able to re-examine his earlier self and apply rational criticism.

Scott adds:

“He vividly describes his misery as a gay man trying to find love at a time when tolerance for LGBTQ persons was not the norm…Marjoram’s frank, engaging memoir can serve as an accessible comfort to anyone experiencing societal rejection.”

The memoir puts into words those struggles, as well as his transition to a world of unconditional love. Read the full review here.

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