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Author NewsH. Allenger: Highlights

H. Allenger wonderfully melds classical literature and his own interpretation of history in “Polyxena”

In Polyxena: A Story of Troy (published by Author Reputation Press), H. Allenger regales us with the tale of the eponymous daughter of King Priam of Troy. Polyxena chronicles her eye-witness account of the events that lead up to the downfall of Troy from a first-person point of view.

The story takes place in the final months of the Trojan War. The heroine is called upon by her father to make an appeal to the Amazons to join the Trojans in their battle against the Greeks. Being the only royal princess, Polyxena must now abandon her role to take on a more urgent task.

During her stay with the Amazons, she learns to adapt to their customs and falls in love with Antiope, a chief commander in the Amazon army, and even takes part in their battle. After the Amazon warriors were defeated by the Greeks, Achilles escorts Polyxena back to Troy. However, the two now fall in love with each other and Polyxena struggles to hide it from everyone especially her family. In a tragic turn of events, Achilles is killed at the behest of her brother and servant.

Eventually, Troy falls at the hands of the Greeks and Polyxena must be sacrificed. Nonetheless, Polyxena remains calm and holds herself together despite her anger and desire for revenge. In the book, Allenger demonstrates his prowess as an author to combine his story with centuries-old moral dilemmas originally invented by the likes of Homer and Virgil.

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