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Author NewsPaul Trittin: Highlights

Paul Trittin’s “Jacobus” tries to fix the problem of misidentification of eunuchs of all types

Jacobus, a story of gay romance and acceptance, is Paul Trittin’s attempt to present eunuchs as “different” but equally important human beings. This is according to Reverend Dr. Marvin Baker from Gay Christian Fellowship in Minden, NV. in his preface for the book.

The author is of the opinion that eunuchs of all types (including ‘born eunuchs’ or homosexuals) should be acknowledged for their spiritual viewpoints, sensitivities, and creativity instead of being looked down upon as subhumans.

Trittin’s goal with the book is to contribute to the collective effort of fixing the issue of discrimination and misidentification of all eunuchs through a story centered on the love between two brothers. The author uses this storyline to uncover different sexual experiences that eunuchs or any maturing male youth may go through, and draws an interesting observation about those experiences.

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