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Jim Marjoram talks about his memoir in an interview with Al Cole from CBS Radio

Al Cole’s radio program called People of Distinction has long been recognized as an ideal platform for reaching out millions of people for whatever cause or endeavor you may be doing. In his interview with the seasoned broadcaster, author Jim Marjoram discusses his views on bisexuality and religion and how they’ve had an impact on his life.

Jim Marjoram, author of It’s Life Jim, has been battling homosexuality, self-hatred, religious obsession, suicidal desperation, guilt, shame, and loss. The memoir puts into words those struggles, as well as his transition to a world of unconditional love.

At an early age, Jim already embraced Christianity to look for a “solution” to his identity crisis. At the time, he explored every method in order to become “straight” and to completely change himself. Instead, that search led to a life filled with deception, self-denial, lies, depression, and suicidal attempts. At a certain point, Jim thought he was the problem and not the dogma of Christianity.

In the interview, the author unraveled the many ways he resorted to in order to be a straight man, including signing up for a conversion therapy. Listen to Jim’s conversation with Al Cole in the media file below:

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