Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Mahlon Palmer talks about his memoir “Destiny” in this new Author Spotlight interview

In this Author Spotlight Full Production, we take a look at what’s behind Mahlon Palmer’s memoir, Destiny, and his inspiration for writing this compelling book. Palmer reveals that his storytelling started many years ago when he was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack one hot morning.

He recalls how his nurses would ask him to tell them stories, seeing as he was a well-traveled person. While lying in the hospital bed for many days, he told stories to both his visitors and medical attendants. After recovering, one of Mahlon’s visitors asked if he could write a book since he won’t be heard anymore telling stories once he returned home.

His book was made out of sheer desperation since he could not think of another title, seeing as he had no prior experience writing a book, let alone creating a title for one. Those stories have since been weaved into a full-fledged biography.

Listen as Palmer shares more exciting behind-the-scenes stories about Destiny.


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