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Paul Trittin talks about homosexuality and gay romance on CBS Radio with Al Cole

Paul Trittin

Paul Trittin is the latest from our growing list of authors to make a guesting on Al Cole’s program aired on CBS Radio, where the author shares the inspiration and motivation for his book on gay romance. Trittin is the author of Jacobus.

In the interview, Trittin shares with Al Cole how his gender preference influenced his decision to write a book that focuses on eunuchs of all types including homosexuals. Jacobus is a coming-of-age story of the eponymous protagonist who was sent by his father to their relatives in Sicily as an apprentice to manage the shipping enterprise of his Jewish family. His journey as an apprentice businessman led to the discovery of his extraordinary leadership skills and more.

Meanwhile, his brother Josephus was left behind. Along the way, Jacobus feels lonesome at being far from his brother while also feeling excited at the thought of exploring the world outside.

Trittin also shared how personal the book is to him, being once a closeted gay man himself before marrying his husband. This and more in the interview which is available for listening below:

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