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Obry Alan talks about cooking and food in this episode for This Week in America

Obry Alan introduces his book titled I’m Not Chinese: A Tale Of Satori, Cooking And Self-Discovery to the listeners of Ric Bratton for This Week in America. The author talks about his years of experience in the field of cooking.

The book is Obry’s first book written in the bucolic hills of western Massachusetts where he currently resides with his wife and two dogs.

Obry writes:

“For the past thirty years I’ve operated a Szechuan take out concession at Grateful Dead like musical events, dog shows, Harley bike events, you name it. Sold 16 tons of noodles and thousands of egg rolls doing it, met lots of great people, had lots of self-discovery, learned how to profitably operate a business, and lived the talk as well as the walk.”

This book condenses all of the above-mentioned experiences into a single collection of words describing years of living a life marked with fulfillment and joy.

Alan says the book serves as a how-to guide for taking responsibility of your life and bringing your dreams to reality. Listen to the full interview below:

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