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Saraswati Raman’s book praised by the US Review of Books for its careful and expert discussion of yoga

Saraswati Raman’s Sahaja Yoga: Heal And Integrate Your Subtle Energy System, published by Author Reputation Press, has been critically acclaimed by the US Review of Books (USRB) for its expert discussion about the understanding and practice of this specific yoga technique.

Specifically, Cristen Fitzpatrick from the USRB describes the book as comprehensive, with the book serving as a manual which “begins with a candid account of the author’s experience with her own history of pain and illness and how she used meditation and concentration as a form of medicine.”

The book contains a lengthy description of the process of activating the dormant Kundalini energy that lies within the sacrum bone in each one of the human beings and raising it upward through the chakras along the spinal column through the Sushumna Nadi until it reaches the Sahasrar, where it unites with the cosmic energy. The author talks about the various healing benefits of Sahaja Yoga: stress management and its utility in attaining an emotional balance.

Fitzpatrick also praises Raman’s expert discussion of the “importance of sound and music, and even silence, before her narrative moves seamlessly into a discussion of the most in-depth practice, involving incarnations and avatars.” The book critique adds that “these concepts are best understood, though, by careful reading of the first parts of the book in their entirety” in order to appreciate the book’s smooth progression from the basic to the complex. You can read the full review here.

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