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H. Allenger’s “Polyxena” enjoys positive reviews on Amazon with a 4-star rating

User reviews help advance a book’s credibility by telling readers that an author’s work is worth reading. H. Allenger’s mythology fiction Polyxena currently enjoys a 4-star rating on Amazon, with many positive reviews.

One reviewer says Polyxena is a “well detailed book with heart”. Here’s an excerpt:

“This book was a delight.

“The author’s story was very specific and well laid out. I have nothing but high praise for the true expressiveness of the writing, the neatness of Herb’s edits.

“This is a tale about the exploits of a Trojan woman named Polyxena and those characters who surround her or with whom she has dealings. She is brought to life as the author unfolds her history with both the Amazons, and Achilles, the Greek, himself. All of this while weaving within each scenario her suffering at the loss of some of her brothers and lovers.

“There’s a lot of action within this book as Mr. Allenger details the Battle of Otrea and the sacking of Troy. He uses the most active verbs to best effect.

“He is also a master at character development. He magnificently breathes life into Polyxena as she deals with such human failings as the meddling of her brother Paris, or the horrifying lunacy of a Greek named Neoptolemus.”

Read the full review here.

The story takes place in the final months of the Trojan War. The heroine is called upon by her father to make an appeal to the Amazons to join the Trojans in their battle against the Greeks. Being the only royal princess, Polyxena must now abandon her role to take on a more urgent task.

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