Monday, June 17, 2024
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Al Cole from CBS Radio interviews Faustina Falisi, author of “A Dream Fulfilled”

In this episode of People of Distinction with Al Cole from CBS Radio, author Faustina Falisi is the latest to make a guesting. The author shares the motivations behind A Dream Fulfilled, published by Author Reputation Press.

The book aims to show an incentive of what can be accomplished by those who follow what they wish to become when they grow up. It’s a testament to the saying, “Follow your dream, and it will come true. Never ever give up, and believe in yourself.”

Falisi’s intention in writing the book is to instill the desire of children making their dream a reality.

Al Cole’s interview with Falisi is an example of the work that we do in order to maximize the exposure of our authors to the market. Coming from CBS Radio, Al Cole has a vast reach of listeners who are constantly on the lookout for outstanding things, including works of fiction.

Jay Hogarth

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