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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Blake Sinclair, author of “Dare to Imagine” and “Beyond Imagination”

Blake Sinclair

Blake Sinclair, author of Dare to Imagine and Beyond Imagination, is a native of San Francisco with a broad background in the medical field as a licensed occupational therapist. He holds more than 28 years of experience in the rehabilitation industry.

As a therapist, he combines eastern (acupressure, meditation, energy work, Tai Chi principles, etc.) and western techniques. He also trained for Hypnosis, Reiki and Psych-K. In addition to general rehabilitation, Mr. Sinclair specializes in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation especially with issues of the upper extremity.

He has been a director of rehabilitation at facilities since 1990, and was eventually promoted to be an area manager/ cluster coordinator managing six rehabilitation departments at six skilled nursing facilities. He eventually started his own company in 2004 which he still owns, runs and successfully manages today. He continues to provide therapy services to a limited amount of clients throughout the Bay Area.

He was given the gift of vision at a very early age. At a young age, he found himself tuning into the Cosmic Energy but it was decades later he began to understand it. When he was a teenager, he had he a vision of how cars would one day have some type of sensor that would affect car safety. Forty years later cars began having various sensors that would increase car safety.

During his young adult years, he began to see the vision of his soul as it began to descend to earth for his current incarnation. He saw the purpose of this incarnation at that time but did not make that connection until decades later when he began to go through his spiritual awakening. Later in his life, he had a vision of the future where he saw technology being fued by electromagnetic energy. He saw how public transportation would soar above us like in a science fiction movie.

His books have been read from people from all walks of life from health care practitioners, physicians, nurses, healers, mystics, spiritual masters, film directors, teachers, a former principal, a high school senior, many college students and young adults who are seekers, etc. Even a 107 year old woman has read his first book and loved it.

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