Monday, June 17, 2024
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Carl Berryman shares his thoughts on his book “2025” with Ric Bratton for This Week In America

Carl Berryman, a retired U.S. Army officer and author of dystopian novel 2025, shares why he wrote the book in an interview with Ric Bratton for This Week In America. Carl’s inspiration comes from his desire to look at the future 10 years down the road and see what the possibilities are.

The book follows the story of an attack plotted by China and Russia against the U.S. and Europe, launched from the International Space Station, annihilating 95% of the urban and suburban U.S. population within two weeks.

To bust any attempt at retaliation, the invaders destroyed all the strategic assets of their targets and the western cities have become jungles ruled for a short time by gangs that carve out their own turf. Everyone is seeking food and water to survive while the others go on about their plundering and raping.

He admits that the prospect of future global conflicts scares him a bit and that he sees World War III as an inevitable event. 2025 was recently praised by The US Review of Books for its “intelligent details about weaponry, politics, history, genetically modified foods, and even geology.”

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