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Book NewsH. Allenger: Highlights

“Polyxena” by H. Allenger is as much a romance novel as it is a mythical tale

H. Allenger wonderfully combines mythology and romance in his novel Polyxena, making the book a perfect read for history and romance literature fans. The book offers new and creative twist to the combination of these popular themes.

Allenger flexes his literary skills by constructing a complex world that intertwines the past into present events. Polyxena chronicles the tale of the eponymous daughter of King Priam of Troy. The heroine chronicles her eye-witness account of the events that lead up to the downfall of Troy from a first-person point of view.

Told from the perspective of a young woman, the story fuses myth and romance in a unique way. As well as an action-adventure story with spices of mythical affairs, the book is also a gripping foray into romance.

H. Allenger effectively brings across the excitement of the story of Troy to fresh mythology readers and history experts alike using fun and unique tone. In addition, the author also includes fresh elements of surprise when dealing with the nature of relationships. The book is charged with so much romantic affairs that break down social and cultural barriers, as made manifest by the love between Polyxena and Achilles.

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