Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Mursalin Machado talks about his book “The Diary of Lady X” with Ric Bratton

Mursalin Machado, author of The Diary Of Lady X: Song Of The Sea, has made a guesting on This Week in America, a nationally syndicated radio program hosted by Ric Bratton.

Machado talks about the inspiration for his book’s title, especially some reference of “Lady X” related to a ship. The book is a story of a man’s yearning for love and adventure. Later, that longing evolves into a search for the meaning of life.

Tony, the book’s protagonist, always has a passion for travel. As his pursuit for adventure goes on, many things have since transpired through love, tragedy, and disillusionment. It also awakened his sleeping soul and set him on a path of aspiration.

The Diary Of Lady X is split in two volumes and is filled with some real accounts. The story appeals to a wide array of readers who will find its characters and story to be engaging.

Listen to the full interview of Machado below with Mr. Bratton.

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