Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“Dream No More: Rise of a Lion: Book II” by Marrio C. Mathews is now available to purchase via Amazon

Author Reputation Press proudly announces today the release of Marrio C. Mathews‘ second installment of his epic fantasy saga: Dream No More: Rise of a Lion: Book II.

This coming of age story follows the story of Lyone, a young boy separated from his family due to a civil war that reduces a nation to ash. In the first installment, Lyone, injured and alone, is found and nursed by a host family who helps him regain his health. They learn of his odd continental misplacement, and the captivity of his family by a mysterious sorceress. Lyone, along with Dior and Lisa, travels back to where he was found in order to solve the mystery of his predicament, learning the skills necessary in preparation for the perilous journey ahead.

In this second installment, following the hero’s quest of a young black boy named Lyone, his party goes on to discover the truth of his dislocation and the captivity of his family by an all-powerful sorceress. Along their quest, the party finds themselves caught in the middle of a Nation States’ massive invasion campaign, victimized by a shadow organization, and hunted by the deadly sorceress herself. Dior takes the role of instructor, teaching Lyone and Lisa the skills necessary to journey forth upon the planet of Ni.

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