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Howard O. A. Jones tells more about “Edafos” on People of Distinction with Al Cole from CBS Radio

Howard Jones

Howard O.A. Jones is our latest author to be interviewed by Al Cole from CBS Radio for his popular radio program, People of Distinction.

The author shared a deeper explanation for his book Edafos: Divine Wind, the first book in a series of novels dealing with themes such as courage, displacement, loss, and conscience. It’s basically the story of Cardia, one of many continents in the realm of Edafos. The continent has enjoyed peace after 300 Years of War. God-like beings called Divines started the clashes over land ownership.

The land of Edafos has been peaceful for a little more than a hundred years, but only after unimaginable pain and suffering. Now, corrupt Kings and religious struggles endanger this state of order, and one boy has to conquer Cardia by going against the ideals of his own people. He forges his way across the land, coming at odds with many trials. Howard shares the inspiration for writing Edafos and for creating the world in which the story takes place. Listen to the interview below:

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