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H. Allenger’s “Polyxena” is actually a direct letter to Aphrodite

H. Allenger’s Polyxena, while basically a tale of the eponymous heroine’s reflections and struggles after the fall of Troy, is also the main character’s direct letter to Aphrodite, whom she addresses as “Immortal Goddess”.

Here’s an excerpt from the book that illustrates just that:

“To you, Immortal Goddess, I reveal my thoughts. ..Even as I recollect the events shaping my present condition, I am struck by the strangeness of it all, for rarely can it be said that happenstances so beyond my control were to affect my personal being in such a detrimental way”.

The book tells the story of the princess of Troy who has been chosen as Neoptolemus’s love interest after the fall of Troy. Things have been hard for the royal family of Troy and King Priam sends Polyxena to enlist the aid of the Amazons in battling the Greeks.

During her stay with the Amazons, she learns to adapt to their customs and falls in love with Antiope, a chief commander in the Amazon army, and even takes part in their battle. After the Amazon warriors were defeated by the Greeks, Achilles escorts Polyxena back to Troy. However, the two now fall in love with each other and Polyxena struggles to hide it from everyone especially her family. In a tragic turn of events, Achilles is killed at the behest of her brother and servant.

Polyxena is also the story of its eponymous heroine as she faces death after having rejected the advances of her captor. The princess relates her thoughts to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess she holds responsible for having orchestrated her fate, to find solace and overcome her fear of death.

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