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Book NewsPaul Trittin: Highlights

More readers are raving about Paul Trittin’s “Jacobus” on Amazon, here’s what they’re saying

Since Paul Trittin’s novel Jacobus was released on Amazon in May of 2019, the book has been receiving praises and high ratings from readers. The book currently holds an almost perfect star-rating on the online retail giant, with positive reviews.

In addition to the almost perfect ratings they gave to the book, readers are also raving about Jacobus. Here’s what they have said:

“As for the story, it’s an idealized fantasy about a young man who becomes romantically involved with every man he meets. As an exemplum of that genre, it’s something you — a reader of that genre — may want to pick up.”

“I must say that this is a good book and the story is very fascinating. It talks about how eunuch’s dealt with their lives during the 1st century.
Mazel Tov!”

The book is a story of gay romance and acceptance that crisscrosses with the Judeo-Christian faith systems in the Roman maritime world and beyond into India during the first century. It revolves around the themes of pride, acceptance, tolerance and love. The book also aims to connect the author’s faith and sexuality. Grab your copy now.

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