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“Agatha And Frank’s Story” by Jolynn Rose is among our Gold Seal of Excellence awardees

Jolynn Rose

Our Gold Seal of Excellence award is given only to the select few authors whose works merit our highest form of recognition. Among those works is Jolynn Rose’s Agatha And Frank’s Story: Stranded On Rosland Island.

The book follows the tale of Agatha and Frank, a married couple in their 50s who traveled the world by sea for two years.

Frank is a retired military personnel and Agatha was a history teacher. They started their journey with St. John Island, where a violent storm rages, and soon they are in their dinghy clinging for dear life.

The couple starts their five-year adventure in the style of Robinson Crusoe on Rosland Island. Agatha kept a diary during their adventures. This led to the publication of this book, which was released posthumously with the help of a friend at the senior home.

Being a Gold Seal of Excellence awardee, the book makes for a perfect read for those looking to treat themselves to a story of love, adventure, and survival.

Jay Hogarth

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