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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Gloria Clark, author of “When Half Of Your Heart Dies”

Gloria Clark

Gloria Clark, author of When Half Of Your Heart Dies, is a retired bookkeeper and a grandmother of two teenage girls.

She started writing in 2000 after she lost his son to violence. This tragic event in her life prompted her to write this book, published by Author Reputation Press.

For Clark, putting her thoughts and frustrations on paper is more soothing and therapeutic than saying the words out loud. Writing has been providing her with the comfort she needs to release stress.

The book contains details of the murder of Darian L. Clark (1972-2000), her youngest son who was shot dead as he and friends were leaving a Social Club in the city of Buffalo, New York. This tragedy has changed her in a drastic way. Despite having been a God-fearing daughter who was taught by her parents about the love of God and the power of prayer at an early age, she began to falter in her faith and became angry at God for allowing the death of her son.

This book is a real account of the struggles she faced trying to come to terms with the tragedy while also struggling to keep her faith and sanity.

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