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Book NewsPaul Trittin: Highlights

Paul Trittin’s “Jacobus” is a recipient of the Gold Seal of Excellence

As a testimony to its excellent quality, Jacobus by Paul Trittin has received the Gold Seal of Excellence Award.

Author Reputation Press‘ Gold Seal of Excellence serves as a holy grail for authors wanting to include their book in the the crème de la crème of the myriad of titles we publish. So far, a few books have earned that reputation, and Trittin’s historical novel is one of them.

The book is the story of Jacobus and his twin brother, Josephus. Jacobus is sold by his father to his relatives to become an apprentice at the family’s shipping business in Sicily while his brother is left behind. As a result, Jacobus feels lonesome at being far from his brother while also feeling excited at the thought of exploring the world outside.

Jacobus a story of gay romance and acceptance that crisscrosses with the Judeo-Christian faith systems during the Roman maritime world and beyond into India during the first century.

Jay Hogarth

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