Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Sarah Cadore’s “The Dream” is an upcoming inspirational novel about fighting a social stigma

At Author Reputation Press, we see to it that the books we publish gain as much traction among readers as possible even prior to their release. That is why we would like to tease you today to an upcoming novel that will inspire readers to keep moving despite any social stigma.

We’re talking about Sarah Cadore’s book, The Dream. It follows the story of Nelly and Hugo, a couple who are successful in life through hard work, tenacity, and lots of guts. However, Nelly suddenly finds herself ostracized one day due to a serious diseases that leaves her disabled.

Despite her resolve not to hide her disability and fight the stigma associated with her condition, Nelly discovers later that she is in for more trouble. She and her husband become outcast in the society they live, leading eventually to the couple’s downfall and the estrangement of Nelly’s children.

Her daughter, Stella, who becomes a lawyer many years later, dreams about her past that would haunt her from then on. She sets out to find answers to her questions and ultimately reunites with her long-lost brother. At the same time, Stella has to battle the horrors from her childhood responsible for her family’s demise.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy always keeps an eye for new book releases.

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