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“Polyxena” by H. Allenger is inspired by Homer’s “The Iliad”

H. Allenger’s Polyxena was written with inspiration from The Iliad by Homer. There are many indications to support this resemblance, not least of them the source material used by the author to create the story of the eponymous Trojan heroine.

According to Allenger, his primary source for research was the Meridian Handbook of Classical Mythology, and other relevant books that contain stories regarding Troy. The author weaved the passages describing each individual character and structured the plot based on events as seen through the eyes of Polyxena.

Also, the book is divided into 24 chapters, just like The Iliad. And in the first and last chapters, the first person point of view is used to indicate a present setting in which the main character is living. The chapters in between are written in the past tense as Polyxena relates her thoughts to Aphrodite. In a previous blog, we’ve discussed that the book is actually a direct letter to the goddess of love and beauty.

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