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Author NewsH. Allenger: Highlights

More on H. Allenger, his hobbies and what inspired him to write

H. Allenger

H. Allenger has lived in Seattle since 1975, when he was hired as transportation coordinator for the Seattle School District. After 31 years, he retired to pursue his passion in mythology, archeology and writing.

He loves traveling the world and has visited many countries across all continents. His favorite tours are those that involve archeology.

Allenger grew up in Montana, graduated from Eastern Washington State in 1966, and spent seven years in the U.S. Army, including overseas duty in Okinawa, Vietnam and Germany.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and a master’s in International Relations. He’s a member of the Seattle Freelance Writers Association, the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and Fishtrap (a writers association based in Oregon).

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