Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Pastor J.O.Y Aladetan’s “Godly Marriage and Family Life” addresses the values of life instituted by God

We’re proud to release another book by author Pastor J.O.Y Aladetan titled Godly Marriage and Family Life, a religious book written to address the basic values of life that was instituted by God but now sliding into the mud on the premise of civilisation, culture and tradition of man.

The author observes that the world today is grappling with the consequences of faulty family values practised by past generations. God cherishes the family unit, but modern civilisation, especially in the West, has gradually defiled the institution of marriage and encouraged divorce and single parenting. This has decreased respect in the home and driven God out of classrooms, removing God’s word from school curricula. The shocking result is a moral vacuum and the breakdown of law and order in many ramifications. This unfortunate situation calls for the writing of a book like this to rescue Christian families from a downward slide.

Aladetan’s book  addresses a relevant problem, gives useful and pragmatic suggestions, and provides delightful scriptural information to help married and unmarried persons alike in their desire for instruction about Christian families. The author hopes that this book will serve as a tool to protect the institution of marriage and Christian families and that it will promote and enlarge the kingdom of God.

The book can be purchased via our online bookstore.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy always keeps an eye for new book releases.

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