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Book NewsH. Allenger: Highlights

Polyxena also experienced small pockets of joy, which she related to her horse Zephyrus

While most of H. Allenger’s Polyxena depicts the main character in her sorrowful moments after the fall of Troy, our princess also had moments of happiness, which are revealed in her company with Zephyrus.

Zephyrus -named for the West Wind- was the horse given to Polyxena by Antiope, the commander of the Amazonians. She rode him throughout her stay with the Amazons and on her way back to Troy and often relates her joy to it.

Take this instance, for example:  I was on Zephyrus -what a horse! He so easily responded to my commands that I could have led him without uttering a single word, just by small motions of my hand or body.

And here’s another moment showing her happy mood:  I was never more happy to see Zephyrus than when Antiope brought him to me, and I felt absolutely certain the stallion regarded me in the same way, for he truly responded wonderfully to my control of his reins, its familiarity being received with utmost contentment.

The story takes place in the final months of the Trojan War. The heroine is called upon by her father to make an appeal to the Amazons to join the Trojans in their battle against the Greeks. Being the only royal princess, Polyxena must now abandon her role to take on a more urgent task of helping to save her city.

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