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H. Allenger’s “Ahuitzotl” is also a tale of two women competing for the love of Aztec’s greatest warlord

Ahuitzotl: A Novel Of Aztec Mexico by H. Allenger is also a wonderful story of two women competing for the affection of the Aztec empire’s greatest warlord.

The book follows the story of an eponymous conqueror who shapes the events that finally lead to his demise. The charismatic warlord, proud and full of vicious ambitions, does not let anything from stopping his vainglorious goals.

Ahuitzotl resolves to overthrow the present monarch after being assured by the leader of the inter-clan council that he would succeed that seat. As a ruler, he has made a name for himself as an undisputed warlord by winning a series of conquests.

Ahuitzotl eventually reveals his ultimate plan for a mass sacrifice during the dedication ceremony of the Great Temple in his capital. His actions are seen as a displeasure in the eyes of the gods, and Ahuitzotl eventually leads his people to their catastrophe.

The book can be purchased via our online bookstore.

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