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Lilian Nirupa’s “The Paths of Destiny” comes to life with a professional-grade book trailer

Author Reputation Press invests a lot of efforts in promoting the books of promising authors, and one of these methods includes a book trailer with a cinematic quality. Today, we’re proud of another work we’ve done in this regard, this time for author Lilian Nirupa.

We have just released a professional-grade book trailer for The Paths of Destiny, Introduction to an Ancient Tool for Self-understanding. The book is concerned about the many questions surrounding the mystery of our destiny. Are we alone? Are we left clueless about the most important issues of our life? Is there any way to find the answers to the four major questions we all have? Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? What am I doing here? Who is my Creator?

It also presents some clues that can be found in the Bible, noting that there could be a plan for each of us as hinted in the Bible: Even the very hairs of your head are all numbered (Matt 10:30).

And then more questions: If such a plan does exist, is it hidden from us or are we allowed to see whats in store for us? The Bible describes early in Genesis the Creators intent to leave lights in the sky for signs and for seasons (Gen 1:14).

The book introduces readers to one of the oldest and widely used methods of understanding the plot of our personal destiny. Watch the book’s trailer below:

You can also buy a copy via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Eli Scott

Eli Scott is our resident social media expert. He also writes about tips for authors to boost their presence online.

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