Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“Reading Between The Rhymes” by Giridhar Jaded will reignite your love of poetry

Giridhar Jaded, a prolific poet and author, has published another collection of poems with Author Reputation Press. We’re pleased to announce today the release of his new book, Reading Between The Rhymes.

The book aims to rekindle your interest in reading poems and verses. The author specifically intended for the book to touch the hearts of those who have grown an aversion toward reading poetry books. In the Giridhar’s own words:

“Does Poetry seem like a niche art of the higher literary type? Have you at times considered buying a book of Poetry to then have second thoughts? Look no further. In this book, the author Giridhar has tried to make it easier to understand Poetry & the meaning behind 196 poems by including footnotes for each poem in what’s a first for a book of Poetry.”

Reading Between The Rhymes is his third poetry collection and strengthens his faith in deep thinking as a way of life and self-improvement, if we allow it. The book is discovery of several deeper thoughts explored through poetry – an exploration of things that are very much a part of our lives. The author believes that “books are our passage to a better realm and Poetry is that way to a better perception, to heal and to feel”.

The book can be purchased via our online bookstore.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy always keeps an eye for new book releases.

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