Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Briana Isham’s “Depression Where” is an enlightening self-help book addressing depression

Depression is something to be taken seriously, and a lot of books have been published so far to try to help address this condition for those who are suffering from it. Author Briana Isham is now pitching in with her self-help book that tackles just that.

Titled Depression Where: Journey To Recovery, this non-fiction work aims to pave the way to recovery for people suffering from depression. Its goal is to help people of all ages heal from this mental condition that affects a great deal of people worldwide.

Briana notes that depression and suicide have reached an all time high at present. Therefore, this book is meant to help create a haven for everyone who reads it, with hopes of encouraging them to find someone to talk to or even to write if the former is not possible.

“Until help is obtained, this is a gateway to help in the progression to healing. I dedicate this journal to everyone who has ever been told to suck it up and move on, to those who were told that their voice doesn’t matter, to those whose cries don’t get heard,” the author says.

Depression Where can now be purchased via our online bookstore.

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