Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Greg Mulligan’s “Predator in a Dress” aims to protect men from suffering the losses of divorce

Greg Mulligan has finally published his book, Predator in a Dress, with Author Reputation Press. The book aims to provide protection to men against the fallout of divorce.

Debates about gender inequality resulting from divorce often highlight women’s vulnerabilities such as a drop in their household income and an increased risk of poverty, among others. Studies show that after divorce, the economic recovery for women are blocked by their responsibilities as a single parent and low chances of finding a new partner.

These views may be based on empirical evidence, but other studies have uncovered a contrasting offshoot of divorce. According to research, men bear the most burden from divorce as manifested by greater health declines, increased risk of adopting harmful health habits, increased mortality, and higher tendency toward social isolation.

A divorced man himself, Greg is curious about what he claims as biases shown by court judges to men. He says divorce has become a source of profit for women due to the child support payment they receive over 15 years in addition to the spousal maintenance endowed to them after divorce.

Predator in a Dress can now be purchased via our online bookstore.

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