Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“The Scarpacci Files” is an adrenaline-pumping action thriller by J. J. Caniglia

J. J. Caniglia has published The Scarpacci Files with Author Reputation Press, now available on major online bookstores.

It’s a story of two brothers who must avenge the death of their father, murdered by a group of gangsters for failing to pay extortion money to them, as do the others in the neighborhood.

The city of Omaha has never been the same since the Black Hand organization arrived. They run its streets, terrorize its neighborhood, extort money from everyone, and kill those who resist.

One man falls short of his monthly payments and ends up paying the ultimate price, his life. His two sons Yano and Gino must seek retaliation, but they are too young to fight. Someone must stand up and stop the gangsters before it’s too late and the entire neighborhood burns to the ground.

Who will save them and fight the group of criminals? The Scarpacci Files will be available to purchase soon via our online bookstore.

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