Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“Carter And Ryder” by TM Spivey gets a new book trailer

TM Spivey’s Carter And Ryder: My Little Brother Has Autism gets a new book trailer that brings its story to life. It’s a children’s book that teaches readers how to deal with kids with autism.

The book shows how difficult it is to identify and detect autism. This condition affects many families of all races and walks of life. TM Spivey shows that while people with autism may seem different, they are still full members of families with a lot to love to share. The author conveys this message beautifully through the eyes of young Carter, who frequently expresses his joy for and love of Ryder.

It is enriched with beautiful illustrations and reflects every American family’s daily challenge to help their children weather through the stigma associated with this condition.

Watch the book trailer here:

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