Monday, June 17, 2024
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Marrio Mathews talks about his book “Dream No More” with Ric Bratton on This Week in America

Author Marrio Mathews is this episode’s guest for This Week in America, where he sheds more light on his book Dream No More. The author speaks with seasoned radio broadcaster Ric Bratton.

Marrio discusses what prompted him to write the book and explains the story behind it. The book follows the story of Lyone, a young boy separated from his family due to a civil war that reduces a nation to ash. In the first installment, Lyone, injured and alone, is found and nursed by a host family who helps him regain his health. They learn of his odd continental misplacement, and the captivity of his family by a mysterious sorceress. Lyone, along with Dior and Lisa, travels back to where he was found in order to solve the mystery of his predicament, learning the skills necessary in preparation for the perilous journey ahead.

Listen to the interview below:

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