Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Annie Aaron talks about the struggles of married life and motherhood on People of Distinction

Annie Aaron, author of December Alliance, is our guest for this episode of People of Distinction, where she discusses her book.

December Alliance is a fictional work that tackles the hardships associated with married life and being a mother. It follows the story of Anne Olson, a mother of two rambunctious youngsters living in a county.

She longs for the college days gone by. Back then, she had plans of showcasing her talents. However, those dreams vanished after she decided to tie the knot with her husband, completely changing her life.

While she confides in her old college friend that her life as a wife and mother is fine, the truth is that her life now is not exactly as she expected.

When her life is turned upside-down, can she can seize the day? Listen to the interview below and learn more about the author’s thoughts. The book can be purchased via our online bookstore.

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