Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“It’s Been A Pretty Good Ride” by Bob Harshbarger is a riveting memoir mixed with a dose of humor

Memoirs are a great way to share your life’s journey, especially when these are combined with humorous accounts. Today, Author Reputation Press announces the release of Bob Harshbarger’s memoir, It’s Been A Pretty Good Ride.

The book came to life thanks to Harshbarger’s three daughters. They encouraged their father to write a book about his life’s story after learning numerous tales regaling them with the origin of the Harshbargers. Most interestingly, they heard humorous stories about their father growing up in a wheelchair.

The book not only includes genealogical accounts of the author’s life, but also hilarious events and tales about other people he met in the past who played different roles in his life.

What makes this book even more interesting is it has been written by someone who never considered himself an author. That said, Bob intends for this book to bring both humor and inspiration to readers.

It’s Been A Pretty Good Ride can be purchased via our online bookstore.

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