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Jeannette Gagan discusses the idea behind her book about emotional and spiritual maturity

Jeannette M. Gagan Ph. D., a licensed psychologist, is our guest for this episode of This Week in America, where she discusses her book, Grow Up Your Ego, with Ric Bratton.

This book delivers scientific backing for the stages of ego growth, what it means to have a mature ego, and the steps to take for getting there. Not only does the path of growing up the ego connect us to the mission of our souls, it also provides a crucible strong enough to support the transcendent experiences we so yearn for.

In learning of the essential role of the ego–that of keeping us alive and giving us a sense of self– readers soon discover that when we’re born, the ego has as much growing up to do as the rest of us. When bonding with caretakers is interrupted or fails, we see the results in children and adults who lack self-esteem, cannot be empathic, cannot establish healthy relationships, and who may act out in varying ways.

The book shows how the ego can “grow up” at any time through the identification and maturing of defense mechanisms; by learning how to appropriately self-soothe; and through wholesome relationships. In language anyone can understand, this self-help book leads readers through chapter content and exercises.

Case examples and step-by-step encouragement contribute to this holistic overview of how spirituality is par and parcel of our humanness. Listen to the interview below:

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