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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Bob Harshbarger, author of “It’s Been A Pretty Good Ride”

Bob Harshbarger

Bob Harshbarger, author of It’s Been A Pretty Good Ride, served as a social worker for veterans at the Danville Veterans Administration Medical Center for 31 years.

He earned his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois. In addition, Bob’s undergraduate degree was in radio and TV. He has worked as a radio DJ in Danville for 12 years and taught a couple night classes for three years at the Danville Junior College.

As a Christian, he has facilitated grief therapy classes for eight years through his church. He was born in July 1947. After 14 months, he acquired polio while on a family vacation. The condition caused total paralysis on his body, though he did regain some strength in his right arm and left leg.

He has essentially relied on his wheelchair since the age of five in order to move. Regardless, he considers himself blessed with a terrific life, for which he would say, “It’s been a pretty good ride.”

Bob used to live with his retired school teacher wife, Beverly, in Danville, Illinois. They now reside in Williamsburg, Virginia.

It’s Been A Pretty Good Ride can be purchased through our online bookstore.

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