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Ted Landkammer shares the idea behind his books on This Week in America

Ted Landkammer is our guest for this episode of This Week in America with Ric Bratton.

In the interview, Ted talks about the inspirations behind his books The Poppies on the Hill and Buffy The Butterfly.

The Poppies on the Hill tells the story of Mrs. Brannigan and the children, Sarah and her brother Joey, who took care of her. Granny Brannigan used to give chocolate cookies to all the boys and girls including Sarah and her friends who pass by her front gate. But one day, Mrs. Brannigan is not by her gate for the first time due to sickness. The children then take care of her.

Buffy the Butterfly is the story of an adventurous butterfly named Buffy. The book is inspired by the author’s own granddaughters’ love for butterflies. The book introduces a lighthearted story that will ignite the young readers’ imaginations.

Listen to Ted’s interview below:

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