Monday, June 17, 2024
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Hazel Larcombe’s website is now up and running

Hazel Larcombe

Author Reputation Press has recently launched a new website for another author, Hazel Larcombe. Hazel’s website is now up and running, and it features her children’s book as well as links where you can buy it.

The website highlights some essential links that bring you to the places on the web where you can buy the book, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and our own online bookstore.

There’s a brief description of the book as well. The Magic Dumligo is a story about Billy and Annie who go on fishing aboard a boat during their 13th birthday. As they row down the lake, the two kids see a mysterious purple mist descending upon them. Then it turns into a purple beckoning finger.

What happens next marks the start of their adventure in the Far-ago Magic Island. Billy and Annie encounter different magical creatures such as Dumligo, a strange three-horned pony with magical powers.

Visit the website here.

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