Monday, June 17, 2024
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Carl Berryman’s website is now live, featuring his books

Author Reputation Press has recently launched a new website for Carl Berryman, author of 2025 and Divided We Fall. Carl’s website is now up and running, and it features his books as well as links where you can buy them.

The website highlights some essential links that bring you to the places on the web where you can buy the books, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and our own online bookstore.

There’s a brief description of the book as well. 2025 follows the story of an attack plotted by China and Russia against the U.S. and Europe, launched from the International Space Station, annihilating 95% of the urban and suburban U.S. population within two weeks.

Divided We Fall follows the story of Ethan Bradley, wanted by the government for his views on the Second Amendment. He has been commissioned to lead a brigade of infantry in the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.

Then, the Republic of Nation of Missouri gains independence. Though President Newkirk sought to avoid the Union splintering, that failed, and he is put on trial and imprisoned for attempted murder and treason.

Visit the website here.

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