Monday, June 17, 2024
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M. M Beck talks about his crime books with Kate Delaney on America Tonight

M. M Beck, author of several crime books, has been interviewed by Kate Delaney, an Emmy-award winning journalist and a host for NBC Sports Radio Network. Delaney’s radio program reaches over three million listeners in the United States.

Beck has penned Dan Jorgensen: Teacher And Sleuth and The Case Of Two Left Shoes, among other crime novels under his name. These books center around Daniel Jorgensen, a lieutenant colonel and Chief of Investigations of the Army Criminal Investigations Element (CIE) in the Virginia area command.

His long streak of success in busting criminals has made him the target of retaliation by the friends and family of those he has sent to prison. Their attempts on his life and his family have been to kill him or stop his investigations.

The interview highlights the author’s central character in his books. He noted how even President Dwight D. Eisenhower loved Jorgensen as a crime buster and for the way he saw things. Some people even think he has a photographic memory for his stunning capacity to remember things as they were. Listen to the interview below and learn more about Beck’s works.

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