Monday, June 17, 2024
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Jeannette Gagan talks to Benji Cole from CBS Radio about her book “Grow Up Your Ego”

Jeannette M. Gagan Ph. D., author of Grow Up Your Ego, shares some of the things that inspired her to write the book.

Dr. Jeannette’s work is centered both on emotional and spiritual maturity, and she talked about these topics in length with the radio host.

The book provides some scientific backbone for the different phases of ego growth, what it means to have a mature ego, and the steps toward maturity. The author is of the opinion that not only does the path of growing up the ego connect us to the mission of our souls, it also provides a crucible strong enough to support the transcendent experiences we so yearn for.

The ego has as much growing up to do as the rest of us as we learn of its function. It exists to make us feel human and have a sense of self.

The book also reveals the growth stages of ego through the identification and maturity of our defense mechanism. Learn more about the author’s thoughts on ego with the radio interview below:

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