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Author of the Month: Brad Bagwell

Last month’s selection of our Author of the Month was not an easy process. Our editorial team needed to pick one book from a vast array of titles that all deserve to be on that spotlight, and we chose Giridhar Jaded.

Again, our decision is always based on a couple of merits for an author to be named Author of the Month. These include the quality of the book, of course, as well as how the author touches the lives of readers. This month’s selection process has not been a breeze, either. After a thorough brainstorming, we’re proud to announce Brad Bagwell as our Author of the Month.

Brad is a prolific author who has published a couple books, including The Hunter: Portugal, The Hunter: Southeast Asia, The Hunter: Germany, and The Hunter: How It Started. Well, they’re actually part of a series that follows The Hunter, a story about an Operator named Justin who is a secret organization called The Company. Justin was Larry Walker in the past when he had a whole different life before he joined The Company. Justin teams up with Janine, his handler from the organization, and John, another agent who has a group of agents. Together, they go on a secret mission

Before becoming an author, Brad was a 25-year veteran in the automotive industry. He was a traveler then, having visited as many as 27 countries.

These travels have been incorporated into his books. Many of the locations described in the series are real restaurants, hotels, parks, etc, . that he has set foot upon. Brad lives with his wife, Janine. They have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

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