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“The Princess: A Fairy Tale” by Michael Cristian is specially dedicated to the author’s mother

Anastacia Villalobos

Behind every great work of fiction is a special person or persons to whom the book is dedicated. This could be an author’s spouse, child, or parent.

Michael Cristian’s The Princess: A Fairy Tale, a story inspired by a variety of fairy tales, is a sort of expression of a son’s love for his mother. Anastacia Villalobos, Michael’s mother, holds a special place in the author’s heart, and so he dedicates this book to her.

Michael’s mother proudly holds a copy of his book (see photo to the left), proof that parents are always the biggest fans of their child’s work, regardless of what it is. And a book is no small feat! Any mother will definitely take great pride in such a wonderful masterpiece by her son (or daughter).

The book is about a young princess named Malina who comes to the rescue of her captured knight. Set in fairy tale Spain, the book is inspired by various tales such as Lord of the Rings series, Dragonheart: Vengeance, and One Night With The King.

It’s a must-read for everyone looking for an adventure-filled book that will them an adrenaline rush. You’d surely never skip a page, what with its riveting plot and unforgettable characters. It’s available to purchase via Amazon,, and other online bookstores.

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