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Michael Cristian reveals his literary influence

Michael Cristian

In the previous blog posts, we’ve tackled the inspirations behind Michael Cristian’s epic fairy tale, The Princess. In fact, there are many popular tales that have inspired his book, such as The Lord of the Rings and more.

Today, Michael revealed his literary influence that had helped mold him as a writer. Of course, every great writer developed his or her skill through the influence of some earlier writers who have a positive impact on their literary mindset.

For Michael, Mary Shelley has played a major role in his growth as an author. Shelley is, of course, the author of the classic novel Frankenstein. As a brief overview, Shelley is an English novelist and editor who used the techniques of many different novelistic genres, such as the Godwinian novel, Walter Scott’s new historical novel, and the Gothic novel.

Michael’s own work reflects a sundry of tales with great plots and narratives, providing readers with an interesting story they will hardly forget. The Princess follows the story of a young princess named Malina who sets out to save her beloved knight from captivity.

The book is available to purchase via Amazon and other places on the web.

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