Monday, June 17, 2024
Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Tiff Jon, author of “The Broken Poet”

Tiff Jon is the author of The Broken Poet.

Her father, William Christian Dethlefsen, served in the Army Air Corp during WWII in North Africa and Italy and her father in law, Riley Mack Tidwell, served in WWII with Ernie Pyle and after the war helped with the making of the movie Go Joe with Robert Mitchum.

She married a marine during the Vietnam War and she herself served later during peacetime at Walter Reed as a medic under President Raegan.

She is the only woman veteran in the entire family. Being in the service was her way of recapturing the life that she had and lost and replacing it with another love: the military and our country. She made many bad choices in life that she can’t undo, though she was driven by the illness called bipolar.

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